Case Study

How we cost effectively identified 5,527 Sales Rep names and their org charts in fewer than 10 business days.

Search Assignment:
Our client had a need to hire 20 experienced Sales Reps in 3 months or less. Their website wasn’t generating enough quality candidates, and they didn’t have the budget for agencies. None of their normal actions were working, and leadership was pressuring the Human Resources team for results. Our client chose the Market Research option because they had an in-house recruiting team trained and ready to make the cold calls to passive candidates.

Market Research


  • 5,527 Sales Rep names and their contact information that wasn’t listed on LinkedIn, for those Sales Reps working in target companies
  • Client qualified 63 candidates who were interested in roles
  • 22 Sales Reps hired in 3 months
  • 5.2% cost per hire