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Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants was launched in 1999 to be a different take on recruitment because traditional recruitment firms were failing to deliver. Iris designed the company to be a “solutions-driven” service provider for our early clients, some of the Web’s biggest success stories like Amazon.com and Drugstore.com, when they were struggling to find top talent in a competitive market. Enter Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants: an independent recruiting firm with a mission to strategically, actively and quickly find and deliver talent at a reasonable price point.

Our unique, systematic approach to recruitment consistently delivers successful hires, time after time. We treat every recruitment assignment as unique, providing options and insights to clients along with our suite of products that allows clients to choose the solutions they need. Our fresh name-generation research outperforms stale database candidate lists, and our dynamic sourcing ensures we supply current market knowledge that supports intelligent decision making. Our experienced, savvy recruiters attract exceptional candidates and handle them with care. And our relentless focus on client satisfaction ensures that expectations are met—for every search.

So what’s in it for you? Results. Choose from any of our solutions or utilize our RapidSolve® option to start meeting your recruitment challenge today.

We've applied science to the art of recruiting


Thought Leadership

Constantly innovating
ways to recruit faster,
better and more efficiently


Intelligent Automation
Use AI and technology to quickly reach and engage target audience

Puzzle Piece

Candidate Identification
Comprehensive market analysis via AI & Research: org chart mapping/ competitive market intelligence


Recruitment Execution
High-performing team delivering impactful results

Iris Libby, Managing Principal

Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants

Iris LibbyIris Libby is Managing Principal of Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants, a division of Altsearch Recruitment Consultants Corp. For over 20 years, Iris has lived and breathed the talent acquisition industry, delivering stellar talent across a broad spectrum of functions and industries. Iris and her team of 19 consultants partner with clients, contributing to each search their combined, multi-faceted recruiting experience, accumulated knowledge, and hard-core work ethics. To overcome clients’ specific recruiting challenges, Iris’s distinctive, flexible business model offers personalized talent solutions, which may include a combination of research, name generation, candidate development, retained search and more. Clients buy only what they need. Iris delivers, whatever the recruiting challenge: filling a role in a less-than-desirable location, finding a candidate with a specific and unusual skill set, or replenishing a dried-out pipeline with fresh candidates—you name it—Iris and her team develop the appropriate solution and deliver beyond expectations.

Before launching Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants, Iris led teams at ProCast Inc., Global Business Research Ltd., and Amazon.com where her talent acquisition team consistently delivered dazzling talent during Amazon’s period of unprecedented growth. Ever the entrepreneur, she has launched and built several successful organizations, including Corcoran Group Marketing, Global Business Research’s Sponsorship & Exhibition Division, and ultimately, in 1999, the executive recruitment firm that bears her name.

Working with Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants will help your diversity representation. Iris is a member of the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).