Case Study

How our Virtual Support solution helped maintain effective levels of productivity within our client’s short-staffed talent acquisition department.

Search Assignment:
Our client was growing rapidly and felt pressed to hire 3 more recruiters to keep pace with that growth, but they wanted to take time to make the right hires. The client hired us to fill those 3 recruiting roles but in addition, they took advantage of our Virtual Support solution. While we worked to quickly find top-tier talent to take on their full-time talent acquisition roles, we also placed one of our Senior Search Consultants into their organization to work virtually “on site.” Our client’s talent acquisition staff and the hiring managers were so happy with the level of support and integration they received, they asked our Consultant to stay on for an extra month after the new staff was hired to ensure a smooth transition.

Virtual Support


  • 2.5 hard-to-fill reqs filled per week, on average
  • $1,600.00 cost per hire
  • Seamless talent acquisition support
  • Happy hiring managers
  • Virtual Support solution timeframe extended to help with transition period