Case Study

How we bought time for our client by filling their critical roles.

Search Assignment:
Our client’s Talent Acquisition department was short an Executive Search Recruiter and had been searching for the right person to take that role. They had a very high bar for talent, and while they were looking, they needed an Executive Search Recruiter to step in to fill 4 newly opened executive searches. We placed a Senior Search Consultant into their organization using our Virtual Support solution. Our Search Consultant worked virtually, “on site,” for 6 months, providing seamless talent acquisition support, until our client found their ideal Executive Search Recruiter to bring on board permanently. During that 6 months, our Consultant filled 11 executive positions for the client.

Virtual Support


  • Seamless talent acquisition support
  • Happy hiring managers
  • 11 Executive searches filled without using agencies or retained search
  • $9,500 per executive placement
  • 6 months of full-time ongoing support with flexible contract termination terms