Making TA Priceless (Well Not Quite)

By Shayne Lightner One of the inherent challenges of the internal talent acquisition model is that from the company’s perspective, it’s an internal cost center. Thus it’s incumbent upon today’s dynamic talent acquisition leader to be ever vigilant about communicating to management the value of the TA department. While this can be done in many ways, […]

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How to Win Your Hiring Manager’s Buy-In During the Recruitment Process

Each time I work with a new company, I grapple with how to get my hiring managers’ buy-in to the recruitment process. For many hiring managers, recruitment is just another task on their infinitely long to-do list, and some don’t feel it’s part of their role’s core responsibilities. So to help along the process and […]

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How HR Leaders Gain the Respect of Business Leaders

Whenever the holiday season comes around, I love to spend a cozy evening watching It’s a Wonderful Life, but that movie always make me wonder about life choices. Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball that could show you the outcomes your career choices will have on your progression toward your goals? I’m […]

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